A Look Back, March 13



Published: 03-13-2024 7:01 AM

50 Years Ago

■Three streakers who struck in Northampton Saturday night appeared in Hampshire County District Court this morning on charges of indecent exposure. The three were arrested Saturday night on South Street after they darted from John M. Greene Hall on the Smith College campus to South Street.

■Plans for urban renewal in the downtown Northampton area came in for sharp criticism from members of the City Council last night. Mario Mazza, Ward 1 councilor, expressed concern over the approximately 50 families who would have to be relocated as a result of demolition of the west side of lower Pleasant Street.

25 Years Ago

■Katherine M. Sheehan, 45 Hastings Heights, a former principal of Leeds School and current chairwoman of the Fire Station Site and Building Committee, has taken out papers to run for the Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School Board of Trustees.

■Gov. Paul Cellucci planned to file legislation today calling for school uniforms in public schools across the state. The measure would require all public schools to come up with a school uniform policy. But it allows for parent councils at each school to opt out of the uniform rule if they choose.

10 Years Ago

■Joe McGinniss, the adventurous and news-making author and reporter who skewered the marketing of Richard Nixon in The Selling of the President 1968 and tracked his personal journey from sympathizer to scourge of convicted killer Jeffrey MacDonald in the blockbuster Fatal Vision, sided Monday at age 71. Most recently the Pelham resident was working on a serialized story about a year in Hampshire Superior Court, 15 Gothic St.

■After 30 years at the helm of Meekins Library, Lisa Wenner has announced plans to step down June 30. Wenner said that she felt the time was right to retire. According to many who have worked with Wenner over the years, she has a great deal to be proud of.