Area property deed transfers, April 11



Published: 04-10-2024 11:09 AM


Jeanne Ray Juster T and Sigmund J. Roos to Robert Pomeroy and Holly Thompson, 35 Amity Place, Lot 35, $442,000

Bruce B. Payton to Lynn E. Payton and Marianne Payton, 76 N. Pleasant St., $1,333,337

Helene Cunningham and John Cunningham to Jonathan C. Cheng and So Y. Lee, 45 Oakwood Circle, $725,000

John H. Fanton and Rebecca E. Fanton to Michael A. Fox and Amy K. Fox, 9 Owen Dr., $980,000

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Daniel Nachbar to Luna & Amy Jaffe T and Suzan L. Jaffe, 120 Pulpit Hill Road, Lot 4, $555,000


Helena R. Gois to Mike Goncalves and Lindsay Robillard, Chauncey Walker Street, Lot 2, $105,000

Helena R. Gois to Mike Goncalves and Lindsay Robillard, Chauncey Walker Street, Lot 1, $105,000

James Walker to Prinka Musa and Gazi J. Uddin, 62 Gold St., $420,000

6221 Nt and Linda S. Fidnick to Laura R. Robinson and Robert H. Eveleigh, 21 North St., $275,000


Susan D. Colby and Lisa M. Rogers to Nicholas B. Difazio and Jarred A. Difazio, 5-7 Clinton St., $435,000

Yarasavych Irt and Paul-Mckenna to Elizabeth Jensen and Anthony Rueli, 5 Orchard St., $375,000

Connor Maureen A Est and Susan Paton to Priscilla Rosado and Georgeshua Agosto, 112 Plain St., $335,000


Travis C. Scheinost and Joanne Scheinost to Gabriel C. Nelson and Abigail F. Nelson, 6 Greenmeadow Lane, $350,000


63 East Realty LLC to Pied Piper Properties LLC, 63 East St., $725,000

Helen Wang to Aaron B. St John and Audrey S. St John, 13 Shattuck Road, $615,000


Kevin R. Lumb to Mishaela L. Brennan and Willis P. Brennan, 102-104 Allyn St., $394,000

Linda L. Mcdonald and Dale H. Vieu to Priscilla A. Hardy, 610 County Road, Lot 5, $285,000

Mental Health Assn Inc. to Joseph Morrison and Jennifer Voyik, 763 Homestead Ave., $500,000

Jose A. Negron to Jesus M. Candelario, 164 Pine St., $60,000

Gail S. Bielizna and Timothy D. Pafford to Abigail Glogower and Joshua Boydstun, 277 Walnut St., $175,000


Frank A. Dearinis to Jake W. Lachapelle, 26 Allen Coit Road, $140,450


Wendy Decou to Justus Perry and Kelly Noonan, 1181 Burts Pit Road, $365,000

Roman Catholic Bishop Of to Sunwood Development Corp Inc., 3 Elm St., $1,100,000

Willis P. Brennan and Mishaela L. Brennan to Kevin Dubleday and Alison Daigle, 118 Florence St., $305,000

Brant Lingle and Erin Lingle to Ryan J. Shea and Hanna M. Shea, 65 Hatfield St., Lot B, $430,000

Hava Doom LLC to Evan R. Hagerstrom and Rachael H. Hagerstrom, Kennedy Road, Lot 2, $110,000

Timothy D. Scott and Deborah Keisch to Krista Hennings-Vinocur and Clarie Vinocur, 642 N. Farms Road, $699,000

Driscol Ann C Est and Robert W. Driscoll to Healthy Nbrhds Group LLC, 31 Park St., $450,000

Patrick H. Yarrows to Margaret C. Lindquist and Dennis T. Yarrows, 27 Pilgrim Dr., $53,125


Michael N. Gagnon and Joanne C. Gagnon to Sandra Stoughton, 25 Chileab Road, $490,000

Theresa M. Magrath to Kenna Magrath, 21 Maple St., $200,000

Pmdm Realty LLC to Aqrs Realty LLC, 180 Old Lyman Road, $690,000


Geoffrey R. Fleury to Allison M. Mcfadden, 77 Crooked Ledge Road, $535,000


Angelina Roman and Axel Roman to Amy Mathison-Start, 72 Eagle St., $169,900

Gary J. Buelow Jr and Corie A. Buelow to John P. Mogle and Annette M. Mogle, 17 Pleasant St., $258,000

Marc A. Delrosario and Megan C. Delrosario to Emiliano Osmani and Jessica Santiago, 130 W. Main St., $225,000

Ebenzer Const & Cleaning to Thomas Hubbard, 88 West St., $250,000


James S. Kemper II to Scott Currie and Lisa A. Lablanc, 71 Northwest Road, $434,817


Adin Maynard and Llama Maynard to Tree Sprites Inc., 61 Adams Road, $10,000

Franklin County


Philip J. Savage and Lisa L. Savage to Douglas R. Kremm and Angela S. King, Mathews Road, $79,000

Adella T. Wrobleski Revocable Trust and Joshua McAuliffe to Friends of the Franklin County Regional Dog Shelter Inc., Plain Road, $135,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society and NNPL Trust Series 2012-1 to Anujkumar Dhamija and Asha Dhamija, 36 Thayer St., $245,000


Ryan J. Shea and Hanna M. Shea to Elizabeth Mayers and Andrew Mayers, 62 Howard Hepburn Drive, $622,500

Laryssa Kachorowsky and Karla Burnley to Paul Jacobs and Alison Jacobs, 495 Montague Road, $495,000