Area property deed transfers, Dec. 14


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Published: 12-13-2023 12:19 PM


Steve A. Ozcelik and Nuray Ozcelik to 80 Acres, 850 Belchertown Road, $360,000

RET Mason I Lowance Jr and Margaret L. Rorick to Woo Ft and Ernest C. Woo, 5 Eaton Court, Lot 5, $275,000

Roses Supposes Magical Nt and Geoffrey P. Reeces to Brian Murphy and Catherine Murphy, 94 Lessey St., $1,075,000

Francis R. Fox Jr. to 180 N Whitney LLC, 180 N. Whitney St., $420,000

Mark C. Luce to Erika P. Yunga, 161 Pondview Dr., $425,000

Scott Tundermann to Gazit C. Nkosi, 424 Potwine Lane, $263,500


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Robert A. Dufresne Jr and Diane R. Dufresne to Geisha I. Uroza and Christopher J. Lessard, 166 Bardwell St., $725,000

Janna General Trading LLC to Dominic Dasilva, 6 Crestview Dr., $64,000

Wendy A. Iozzo and Myra A. Iozzo to Richard R. Gibbs, 63 Gold St., $395,000

Nichole L. Ohearn and Perrell A. Ohearn to Shelly A. Galloway and Richard Rosazza Jr., 148 Metacomet St., $305,000

Janine M. Connor to Connor Doran and Sarah Doran, 329 Mill Valley Road, $363,000

Groux Wilfred A Est and Christine A. Woynar to David Lesiege and Dawn Lesiege, 257 Old Enfield Road, $255,500

Wayne R. Waldron and Tamatha Z. Waldron to Tyler Brin and Lauren Brin, Orchard Street, Lot 156M, $45,000

Simon K. Joseph and Bernadette J. Ortensi to Marsia M. Nogueira and George V. Barroso, 421-A S. Washington St., $200,000

Heather M. Tetrault and Sheri K. Tetrault to Angela Dufield and Alina Lacey-Varona, 40 Ware Road, Lot 15, $280,000


Shane M. Wickland and Sarah E. Wickland to Collin Stevenson and Kathryn Wright, 87 Cummington Road, $375,000


Kessler Phillip M Est and Phillip M. Kessler to Alexander W. Kwolek and Betty-Ann Kwolek, 4 E. Green St., $162,500

Kimberly A Foster Lt and Kimberly A. Foster to Bing Dai, 211 East St., Lot 1, $392,000

Nancy A Hicks Irt and Wendy L. Kirby to Robin Haueter, 13 Everett St., $435,000

James & Donna Britton RET and Donna M. Britton to Joseph M. Greenberg and Virginia B. Wilke, 37 Hannum Brook Dr., $430,000

John F. Edwards to Cynthia A. Ciborowski and Andrezej S. Ciborowski, 2 Mechanic St., Lot S, $275,000

James M. Dean and Kelly A. Davis to Bertram W. Gardner III, 1 Sandra Road, $387,000

Loudville Condo LLC to Peter Albero, 15 Steplar Xing, Lot 15, $610,000

Loudville Condo LLC to Daniel D. Johnson and Erin T. Johnson, 17 Steplar Xing, Lot 17, $576,550

Loudville Condo LLC to Robert Dufresne Jr and Diane R. Dufresne, 18 Steplar Xing, Lot 18, $597,400

Sarah A. Sullivan and Edward C. Lee to David Terkanian and Megan Sweitzer, 34 Ward Ave., $363,000



Barbara M. Szaban to Kotowicz Custom Homes LLC, East State Street, $45,000

Jln Properties LLC to Peter Wilson and Carol Wilson, Lyons Street, Lot B, $103,000

Jonathan Mastalerz and Chelsey Reep to Jessica L. Bean and Orione Bean, 418 Miller St., $289,000

Ronald J. Pete and Jennifer M. Pete to Tobias E. Wilson and Andrew Lester, 54 North St., $535,000

Nicholas E. Lacasse and Sara M. Lacasse to Eve B. Jenkins and John Monch, 17 Smith Ave., $302,000

George R Bissel RET and George R. Bissel Jr. to Connor Z. Mcclaflin, 47 Taylor St., $250,000



W. Marek Inc. to Balbir Singh and Narinder Kaur, 6 Adare Place, $855,000



David Zononi and Meghann Zononi to David Zononi and Sara Berthe, 26 Chestnut St., $222,000


Sandy Allan to Mergim Shala, 53 Arnodale Ave., $46,000

B&b Realty Partners LLC to Naishka Rivera and Norberto Rivera, 9 Charles St., $268,000

Justin D. Hollinger to Kate Nadel, 88 Columbus Ave., $282,000

Weiss Family LLC to Gallagher Cap Group LLC, 24 Fairfield Ave., $360,000

Woodlawn Construction LLC to Brian Jarrett and Lori Jarrett, 364-366 Hillside Ave., $365,000

Bachand Ft and David P. Bachand to Corbin H. Chicoine and Brenda L. Chicoine, 82 Knollwood Circle, $232,500

Craig J. Boutin to Rm Blerman LLC, 14 Longwood Ave., $177,000

Nicholas P. Boccio to Emily H. Patrick, 36 Maple Crest Circle, Lot C, $199,900

Donald L. Kooken and Kathleen M. Kooken to Red Branch Re LLC, 77 Meadow St., $352,500

Cathy J. Thomas and Scott A. Thomas to Adam A. Lamee and Natalie Papienski, 125 Mountain View Dr., $425,000

Congregation Rodphey Shol to 20 Gregory Farm LLC, 1784 Northampton St., $180,000

Federal Hm Loan Mtg Corp to Michael A. Freitas, 17 Temple St., $90,000

Murphy Eileen Est and Terence Murphy to Rosa D. Garcia, 274 W. Franklin St., $225,000



David J. Prats and Cassandra D. Grabowski to Joshua D. Munson, 15 E. Main St., $259,300

Adam J. Cormier and Rebecca E. Bruso to Daniel A. Delisle, 24 Worthington Road, $221,600



R A. Ryan to Heather A. Bell and Patricia B. Bell, 25 Birch Lane, $525,500

Pioneer Vly Habitat For H to Zachariah G. Clayton and Katherine M. Grimley, 781 Burts Pit Road, $170,000

Pioneer Vly Habitat For H to Patrick P. Samok and Emily L. Daniels, 785 Burts Pit Road, $130,000

Pioneer Vly Habitat For H to Joseph H. Weddell and Cheridy L. Jollie, 789 Burts Pit Road, $150,000

Soverreign Builders Inc. to Diane Stock, 187 Emerson Way, $180,000

Bear Stearns Alt-A T and Wilmington TNa Tr to Eds Enterprises LLC, 17 Glenwood Ave., $370,000

Andrew D. Morrissey to Leslie Taggart, 51-1/2 Hatfield St., Lot 19, $310,000

Haydenville Road LLC to Sixth Studio LLC, 574 Haydenville Road, $700,000

Thomas A. Sayre and Susan E. Sayre to Gail E. Murray and Devin M. Conathan, 50 Hubbard Ave., $490,000

Carly Everhart and Madeleine Hubbell to Stanley A. Hunter III and Juanita M. Forsythe, 640 Kennedy Road, $830,000

Katherine Jenkins to Kate Smith, 61 Kensington Ave., $535,333

Joseph Curran and Karen D. Curran to Cole Archambault and Maris Mann-Stadt, 12 Lawn Ave., $975,000

Elizabeth C W Oconnor RET and Douglas Oconnor to Brendan Ciecko and Elizabeth Dobrska, 36 Lyman Road, $780,000

Emma E. Pitoniak to Hurley Holdings LLC, 25 New South St., Lot A302, $282,500

Tracy C. Harrity to Peter Gibbon and Patricia Foley, 225 Nonotuck St., Lot C, $389,000

Robert P. Kalish to Alloy LLC, 459 Pleasant St., $1,100,000

Sloan Inge B Est and Dorothy P. Sloan to Laura M. Registrato and Ian Custer, 16 Spruce Lane, $510,000

Jonathan Lander and Pamela Richardson to Equity TCo, 11 Valley St., $366,000


Jocelyn C. Beaudoin to Norman W. Vancor and Kimberly G. Londin, Plainfield Road (off), $35,000



Justin W. Hansen and Alicia Hansen to Iraz Medhi and Abhilash Medhi, 19 Charon Terrace, $615,000

Mf Properties LLC to Five Sticks LLC, 124 Ferry St., $415,000

Stephen Sergeiko-Marcotte to Sara Benson and Johnathan Breault, 168 Granby Road, $263,000

James M. Niedbala and Sharon J. Niedbala to Nicole V. Carter, 304 Hadley St., $1,250,000

James D. Bothwell to Jason T. Novak and Anamaria R. Moise, 475 Hadley St., $151,144

Mountain Brook LLC to J N Duquette & Son Const, 33 Lyon Grn, $120,000

Mountain Brook LLC to J N Duquette & Son Const, 37 Lyon Grn, $120,000

Kmak LLC to Natalia Klymenko, 376 Newton St., $325,000

Eleanor A. Dugre to Mark W. Gingras and Gail A. Gingras, 153 Pine Grove Dr., Lot 153, $322,000

Dwyer Jr Arthur J Est and Kerri A. Dwyer-Comeau to Kathryn Brawn, 70 Pittroff Ave., $350,000

Alice E Shevlin Lt and Robert J. Shevlin to Sarah Showalter and Luke Showalter, 8 Scott Hollow Dr., $600,000

Gaulin J Guy Est and Deanna L. Gaulin to Justin B. Solomon, 75 Silver St., $550,000

Sourdiffe Estelle T Est and Deen R. Sourdiffe to Eva M. Dion, 34 Upper River Road, $470,000

Robert L. Scribner to Shawn J. Jacobs, 41 W. Summit St., Lot 63, $160,000


Kristine P. Canton to Berkshire County Arc Inc., 120 East St., $130,000

Janice L. Sparko-Frey and John G. Frey to Amanda Womeldorf, 6 Kingsberry Lane, $364,500


Shonn K. Monday to Jonathan Ruggiero and Jennifer Ruggiero, 98 Greenwich Road, $410,000

Mackenzie L. Godbout and Nicholle A. Godbout to Lindsey Stasiowski and Michael Stasiowski, 55 Highland St., $340,000

Lisa Yeisley and Carlos W. Berlanga III to Gustave Romano and Barbara L. Nihen, 30 Horseshoe Circle, $489,500

Lisa Yeisley and Carlos W. Berlanga III to Gustave Romano and Barbara L. Nihen, Lower Cove Road, $489,500

Herbert A. Hamborg and Patricia A. Peterson to Greggory B. Cooper and Stephanie A. Cooper, 30 Meadow Road, $385,000

John M. Skutnik to Laurence Levesque and Gina Levesque, 8 Oakridge Circle, $355,000

Edward J. Perrot and Jacqueline V. Perrot to Aaron W. Epstein, 229 Osborne Road, $225,800



Steven H. St Clair to Mitchell S. Cichy Jr and Janet O. Egleston, Old Goshen Road, $5,000



Luke D. Ratcliffe and Melissa L. Ratcliffe to Joshua Flanagan and Miriam Flanagan, 110 Capen St., $155,000

Franklin County


Gwen Lannon to Maud Low and Martin Crouch, 6 Adams Court, Lot D, $335,000

Christopher Mason to Marc Weller and Eileen Weller, 638 Greenfield Road, $650,000

Susan Brandts Revocable Trust and J.R. Brandts to Michael R. Gretzinger and Vincent J. Russo Jr., 5 Hillside Road, $450,000

Kevin C. Komosa Estate and Angelina P. Stafford to Vladimir Agapov and Yelena Agapov, 18 Keets Road, $335,000


Bradford Spry to Jeremy G. Kellogg and Wendy Raskevitz, West Pelham Road, $6,500

Constance M. Hoyack Estate and Heather M. Martino to Brian A. Kolb and Laura M. Soito, 33 Wendell Road, $505,700


Patricia A. Jablonski to Joseph Strzegowski and Eileen Strzegowski, 196 Christian Lane, $459,900

James M. Pasiecnik Estate and Justine Pasiecnik to J. Bysiewski Farm LLC, 207 River Road, $1,415,000