Area property deed transfers, May 2



Published: 05-01-2024 11:57 AM


Faheem Ibrahim Lt and Faheem Ibrahim to Nan Zhao and Zhihong Ni, 16 Arbor Way, $738,000

Richard B. Spurgin to Yg Pleasant LLC, East Pleasant Street, Lot 1, $218,000

Richard B. Spurgin to Yg Pleasant LLC, East Pleasant Street, Lot 2, $218,000

Charles P. Sutphin and Peggy S. Sutphin to Wade R. Elmore, 22 Foxglove Lane, $570,000

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Marjori Haffer Irt and Michele Marotta to Susan West RET and Susan West, 24 Green Leaves Dr., Lot 435, $188,000

Cheryl M. Sabola and Debra A. Sdemensi to Matthew J. Sabola, 37 Meadow St., $264,000

William B. Rosenbaum and Alivia-Anne N. Zappas to Marrs Cottage LLC, 65 Mount Pleasant, $670,000

Brian Mcdonald and Denis Mcdonald to Puzhen Wang, 26 Webster Court, Lot 26, $303,000


Susan M. Gualberto to Daniel F. Gualberto, 68 Cheryl Circle, $129,564

Jason A. Overgaard and Diane M. Overgaard to Kristofer C. Nite and Valerie L. Nite, 15 Jasons Way, $610,000

Orin L. Bracey Jr. and Maryellen Oreilly-Bracey to M & G Land Dev LLC, Munsell Street, Lot 4, $80,000

Orin L. Bracey Jr. and Maryeellen Oreilly-Bracey to Edward Cayo and Michelle Cayo, Munsell Street, Lot 5, $90,000

Orin L. Bracey Jr and Maryellen Oreilly-Bracey to M & G Land Dev LLC, Munsell Street, Lot 3, $80,000

Hal H. Freeman and Angela M. Curto to Kristina Nowak and Nolan Medeiros, 52 S. Liberty St., $400,000

Shelterwood Mgmt LLC to Rema Mills and Jonathan Mills, 20 Sarah Lane, $355,000

Bryand D. Jamgochian and Lucy T. Jamgochian to Gergess A. Assaf and Lynn P. Assaf, 8 Sherwood Dr., $455,000

Bell Property Corp to Nancy Tougas, Woodland Lane, $130,000


David A. Harris to Anthony Perla and Tamara Perla, 114 Morgan St., $89,000


Pelham Rd Partners LLC to Kenneth H. Ozkaptan and Ellen K. Ozkaptan, 72 N Maple St., $450,000

Hadley Reantals LLC to Dnb Properties LLC, 124 Rocky Hill Road, $495,000

John T. Boisvert Jr and Joseph J. Boisvert to Food Bank Of Western Ma Inc., Shattuck Road (off), $950,000


Modern Creative Contracto to Janice Garcia, 19 Charles St., $309,900

Greater Sprfield Habitat to Antonia Santos, 360 Chestnut St., $290,000

Carl Hartig and Robina J. Hartig to Nathan Nuttall and Meredith Nuttall, 11 Grant St., $275,000

20c Maple Crest Circle Rt and Nicholas P. Boccio to Adith S. Quinones, 20 Maple Crest Circle, Lot C, $206,000

Richard F. Kmon to Elizabeth A. Kmon, 63 Portland St., $30,000

Jonathan Mills and Rema Mills to Venetia M. Guerrasio and Thomas M. Stoker, 58 Waldo St., $336,000


Sec Of Hsng & Urban Dev to Ieva Berberian, 7 Basket St., $52,000

Thomas Rd Land T and Dwayne Amstutz to Lawrence S. Scott-Smith, Thomas Road, $50,000


Judith A. Dion and Paul A. Dion to Brandon Hagen, 87 Chapel St., $379,000

Ferree Louisa Est and Katie M. Mcdonough to Chenevert Properties LLC, 177 Crescent St., $410,000

J C. Sullivan to Dominik Niceva and Helena Bankovic, 80 Damon Road, Lot 3203, $185,000

Frances C. Corriveau to Elaine M. Reall, 12 East St., $200,000

Jonathan N. Kelley and Katie J. Kelley to Lee Feldscher, Florence Road, $237,000

B Samuels & N Ryburn Jret and Barbara Samuels to Susan Claire Faludi RET and Susan C. Faludi, 23 Higgins Way, $901,000

Irish Alan J Est and Sylvia Windhurst to Kusmer-Plude Ft and Steven R. Kusmer, 41 Hillside Road, $910,000


Copeland Int and Marion W. Copeland to Joseph Famighette and Mary P. Famighette, 128 Amherst Road, $405,000


Gregory J. Linscott Jr. to Joan G. Oconnell, 275 Hadley St., $360,000

Brett F. Johnson to Brittany Ankiewicz and Dustin P. Yager, 465 Newton St., $330,000

Dennis Kirby and Christine Kirby to Harsha B. Navarantne and Diyath B. Navarantne, 41 W. Summit St., Lot 27, $186,000


David K. Roland and Janice L. Landis to Donna L. Wright, 3 Glendale Woods Dr., $291,590


Mrt Development LLC to Richard Maldonado and Peter Elias, 24 Coldbrook Dr., $50,000

Darin M. Snow Sr. to Kristi-Lee Kinney, 123 Glendale Circle, $330,000

Robert E. Provencal and Joanne M. Demers to Colton Rier and Dana Rier, Greenwich Road, Lot 9, $42,000

Nicholas J. Cianci to Elisabeth R. Daddarrio and Nicholas B. Papp, Old Gilbertville Road, $70,000

Kayley L. Jones and Trevor T. Snyder to Daniel Warsaw, 11 Walnut St., $284,000


Thibaud E. Doultremont and Elizabeth A. Augustin to Grace A. Golden and Christopher Lombardi, 264 Goss Hill Road, $475,000

Franklin County


Michael A. Costa and Susan A. Costa to William Valvo and Sunny Guy, 4 Evans Lane, Lot A, $360,000


Sunderland Rentals LLC to DNB Properties LLC, 153 Amherst Road, $439,000

Sunderland Rentals LLC to DNB Properties LLC, 118 North Main St., $485,000