Area property deed transfers, May 9



Published: 05-08-2024 11:50 AM


Kira Kmetz and Raghavan Manmatha to David Sandak and Allegra Sandak, 60 Country Corners Road, $925,000

North Pleasant St Partner to A1n1 LLC, 306 Northampton Road, $339,000

Acs 22-24 Nutting Ave Inc. to Eastern Realty LLC, 22-24 Nutting Ave., $750,000

Acs 28-30 Nutting Avev In to Eastern Realty LLC, 28-30 Nutting Ave., $750,000

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Federal Bld LLC to Greige Belchertown Rlty L, 122 Federal St., $570,000

Timothy E. Spears and Luisa Feng to D & Susan Coates Lt and Susan R. Coates, 620 Federal St., $420,000

Kara F. Kirchner to Ryan Donoghue and Jessica Coleman, 479 Franklin St., $574,900

Laliberte Home Bldrs Inc. to John E. Nelson and Patricia M. Nelson, 17 Sabin St., $710,000


Delbert H. Robbins and Gloria A. Robbins to Cameren R. Granger, 88 Nash Road, $455,000


Pah Properties LLC to Lorna K. Hunt, 10 Beyer Dr., $399,900

Villamora Homes LLC to Cheryl J. Davis and Jade C. Schapiro, 5 Plaza Ave., $398,000


Paula Leclair and Dennis Leclair to Marvin W. Jackson and Gail B. Jackson, 7 Lanebrook Circle, $320,000


Adare Pl Properties LLC to Rosemund LLC, 1 Adare Place, $165,000

Yuhua Li and Xiaolei Hua to Bercume Construction LLC, 8 Colony Road, $180,000

Shane R. Conklin and Alan P. Sthilaire to Michael S. Macdonald and Anita T. Macdonald, 9 Middle St., $435,000


Joseph Lynskey and Helen Wright to Coterie Investment Group, 151 Beech St., $155,000

Aldo Properties LLC to Kenyatta R. Titus, 93 Chapin St., $280,000

Edward C. Brunelle and John P. Brunelle to B & B Real Estate LLC, 59 Cherry St., $65,000

Amanda Bialas and Adam Bialas to Germika L. Davis, 17-19 Gates St., $462,000

Brett A. Scott and Mia Scott to Michael J. Gaugh and Alexandra M. Field, 19 Greenwood Ave., $335,000

Gretchen Siegchrist and Benjamin Kurtzman to Markeisha Hill and Christopher Sailor, 7 Stanford St., $410,000

Hohenberger Ann T Est and Paul Hohenberger Jr. to Sunscape Investments LLC, 15 Village Road, $255,000

Macmillan Patricia L Est and Betsy M. Stevens to Brett A. Scott and Mia L. Scott, 108 W. Meadowview Road, $380,985


Patricia V. Huff to James F. Roberts IV and Jennifer R. Roberts, 14 Claire Ave., $420,000

Sarah Myrth Diggon T and Sarah M. Diggdon to Ulsh Ft and Eric J. Ulsh, 29 Ford Xing, $850,000

Lisa V. Derrico to Jane S. Karras, 243-245 Main St., Lot 6, $293,000

Mary Morton Roeder T and Luna Greenwood to Lisa S Lippiello RET and Lisa S. Lippiello, 30 Village Hill Road, Lot 202, $380,000


John H. Marshall and Perry C. Howard to Pamela J. Taylor, 33 Harkness Road, $300,000

John R. Mullin and Judith A. Mullin to Currie Larkin Barron T and Currie C. Barron, 206 N. Valley Road, $825,000


Michael Crane to Donna Kristensen, Campbell Road, $95,000


A J Belisle Ft and Anna M. Lebiedz to Amreen Shaikh, 11 Dartmouth St., $340,000

Katelyn Corcodilos to Paul Kestler and Erica Kestler, 181 Pine Grove Dr., Lot 181, $385,000


Vera K Gaughan RET and Thomas Gaughan Jr. to New Eng Remodeling Genera, 74 Lead Mine Road, $50,000

Vera K Gaughan RET and Thomas Gaughan Jr. to New Eng Remodeling Genera, 75 Lead Mine Road, $250,000


Wicked Deals LLC to Noah P. Shields and Alexandria Gomes, 62 Church St., $250,000

Ebenezer Const & Cleaning to Lyn & On Construction LLC, 20 Parker St., $85,000


Eds Enterprises LLC to Timothy A. Reilly, 68 Reservoir Road, $420,000


Torrey Dannie T Est and Misty Torrey to Douglas W. Laroche, 87 Main St., $265,000

Franklin County


Hong Tong Cai to Si Ci Zhu, 475 Long Plain Road, $140,000


Patricia Convery to Bryan D. Beneitone, 309 Montague Road, $372,000