Joe Gannon: The insincerity of banning books

Published: 06-19-2023 4:08 PM

The debate over who should decide what will be read in our school libraries and classrooms is a classic example of our recent national foray into “the loudest opinion trumps the most knowledgeable.”

But only in this “game playing” we now call politics.

All the writers and so-called activists behind the book banning are insincere in the extreme. And their dishonesty can be exposed by asking them a few questions:

■Would you refuse treatment from a doctor for your child because you do not understand the diagnosis or have never heard of it before?

■How much do you monitor and censor what your child can do and see on their phone? (Have you prevented their ability to see violence or sex-filled videos?)

■Likewise, have you previewed every app and game your child watches or plays online? Movies?

■Have you personally read the book you wish to be banned? Can you explain why we should listen to someone who will not read the texts they want banned?

■While there is much research on the harmful effects of social media and internet addiction, could you share one study we can read that has demonstrated the harmful effects of these books you would ban?

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Joe Gannon