Lisa S. Lippiello: UMass medical team extraordinary

Published: 07-10-2023 6:09 PM

We were attending my daughter’s graduation at the UMass commencement ceremony on Friday, May 26. Her 82-year-old uncle who has been like a grandfather to her flew in from Florida for the event. While sitting in the top row of the McGuirk Stadium, he collapsed from the heat.

Family and friends of other graduates that were sitting around us rushed to his aid. The UMass EMTs were there in seconds. They carried him down in an ambulatory chair and into the medical tent. The UMass Medical Team, Dr. George Corey and RN Lauren Yelinek, were amazing! They were so kind and eased the anxiety we were all experiencing.

I am happy to say Uncle Danny is doing well and was able to enjoy the rest of the weekend with our graduate, Sydney. Thank you UMass for employing such extraordinary people!

Lisa S. Lippiello



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