Sidney Moss: Appreciates column calling out injustice

Published: 07-16-2023 10:40 AM

I feel that the July 10 Gazette opinion piece by John Sheirer “Injustice: Wrong then, wrong now” made excellent points that cut to a major issue and flashpoint in our society — inequality in the way that people are treated. I admire Sheirer’s commitment to treating everyone ethically, to acting against injustice, and to not remaining silent in the face of discrimination.

As Sheirer points out, the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s “303 Creative” decision reflects anti-gay bias, which is just as pernicious as any other type of discrimination. Everyone needs to realize that what happens to one targeted group can happen to any other group of people. Regardless of our awareness of this, all of us are vulnerable in one way or another, whether because of our age, religion, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, or other categories. It’s important to protect every group against this type of harm and to speak up when we see this kind of bigoted action.

Sidney Moss



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