Mary Hall: Northampton should set up charitable fund for schools

Published: 05-19-2024 1:33 PM

I noticed the city of Holyoke has a fund people can donate to in support of their local schools, and receive a tax deduction.

Of course, there may be questions as to the wisdom of financing public goods as charities, and if tax deductions cost more to society than the benefits they encourage; however, during all of the discussion on these issues that may ensue, every dollar that helps finance the education of our youth in the meantime matters. Even if the revenues from a charitable fund like the one Holyoke has are small, it may perhaps at least boost everyone’s morale when those who are able to, contribute.

It is some years since I listened to a discussion of school matters in my community. When I did, I remember hearing of how many of our young people had special needs, and how much this was adding to overall costs.

And, I do read in the Gazette of long-term members of the Northampton community finding it hard to continue living there because of your local tax rates.

In seeking a more socially benign and less toxic approach to boosting school funding for Northampton, perhaps your city — and, even my own town of South Hadley — could follow Holyoke’s example in setting up a charitable fund in support of community schools. It might not bring in much money, but, every penny —and every ounce of good will — does help.

Mary Hall

South Hadley

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