Letter: Your Voice Is Needed Now

Lum3n/via Pexels

Published: 06-11-2024 6:38 PM

My dear, fellow Americans! The time is now. You must speak. Russia has moved war ships to Cuba. Call your representatives. Call the White House. Demand that we stop the escalations in the war with Ukraine (proxy for war with Russia). Is it OK with you that Biden secretly gave permission for Ukraine to attack Russia with U.S. weapons? Without Congress declaring war? It’s not with me. No good will come from this. You must speak now! Do you think that Biden will have the same grace that Kennedy had? I don’t. A massive outcry from the public is needed, right now! While you’re at it, insist that a two-state solution is implemented for the Middle East. We cannot tolerate the divisions being sown there any longer. The answer isn’t either/or. (Come on, for all the work you’ve done on non-binaries, stop thinking in binaries here!) The answer is both. Both Israel and Palestine need their own state. Period. We must demand that solution, now.

Raise your humble and raspy voice so that it rivals the lion’s roar and the elephant’s trumpet. Call your representatives. Tell your friends and loved ones to call their representatives. What most of us want is actually pretty simple. We want the basics covered. A decent place to live. Meaningful work. Enough food. Clean air and water. Time with our friends and family. It really shouldn’t be this hard. For all it’s troubles, the world is to beautiful to remain silent any longer. Speak now!

Betsy L. Ames


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