A Look Back: April 20

Jim Bridgman

Jim Bridgman


For the Gazette

Published: 04-20-2024 6:01 AM

200 Years Ago

Miss B. Fisher offers for sale, at the house of Mr. Alexander Wright on the plain, straw bonnets of all kinds — the latest patterns from Charleston, S.C., Baltimore, and New York. Straws and Leghorns cleansed and repaired, and custom bonnets made at the shortest notice.

A.S. Bugbee will open this day, in the room over Deacon Phelps’ shop, Merchants’ Row, a select school, the object of which is to qualify youth for the transaction of business. Correct spelling, good pronunciation, graceful reading, business handwriting, and a good practical knowledge of numbers, are indispensably necessary attainments. Young ladies will be instructed in any of the above branches from 7 to 9 o’clock, A.M., after the first of May. Terms of tuition are $2 per quarter.

100 Years Ago

This was children’s day at the White House. From early morning until evening, the grounds of the executive mansion were given over to the boys and girls of the capital, bent on participating in the old Easter Monday custom of rolling Easter eggs. President and Mrs. Coolidge planned to join the children for a while, and the Marine band was ordered by the President to play during the afternoon.

A sure sign of pleasant days to come was noted today when Janitor Till was seen mowing the lawn in front of the courthouse. Mr. Till says that he thinks he is about the first person in the city to begin lawn mowing for the season.

50 Years Ago

A city resident who says that ballroom dancing is about to experience a “major comeback” here, has begun the revival by organizing a ballroom dancing night every Sunday at the Hotel Northampton. Edu Brandt, who says that “there is no place to do ballroom dances in the city,” has secured the use of the ballroom for the weekly dances.

The bodies of one missing Northampton State Hospital patient and a man also believed to be a missing state hospital patient were found floating in the Mill River during the last two days. The first body was discovered Saturday by youngsters rowing down the river in an inflatable raft. The second body was spotted by a college employee early today.