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A Look Back, March 30
03-29-2024 11:01 PM


200 Years Ago■Straw cutting machines, of a new and much improved construction, are for sale at the tavern of Oliver Warner in Northampton, who is the agent of the patentee. Price $10. The following gentlemen have recommended this machine: Rev. Joseph...

A time for every purpose under heaven: Free sing-a-long Pete Seeger Fest returns to Ashfield, April 6
03-29-2024 12:40 PM


This year marks the 10th anniversary of Pete Seeger’s death. The legendary folk musician, political activist, and environmentalist touched lives around the world with his songs, which were rich in hope and history and exhibited a strong sense of...

Valley Bounty: Central Chicopee no longer a food desert: Couple buys and revives Fruit Fair grocery by turning to local farms and vendors
03-29-2024 12:26 PM


Samaita (Sam) Newell is a first-generation immigrant from India. She met Jared Newell as a student in the five-college area. Following graduation and getting married, the young couple dreamed of buying a farm with a store.Without collateral, their...

Speaking of Nature: Is this Grackle really common? Behold the bird’s colorful iridescence on a sunny day
03-26-2024 12:35 PM


After a while, one learns what to expect with each month and each season. July is going to be hot and humid, October will be colorful and somewhat melancholy, January will be cold and sleepy, and then there is March. March is the month for which the...

Homeless women face raft of challenges in Mass.
03-24-2024 2:01 PM


After years of being homeless, Amy “adapted” to living on the streets under insecurity.“I thought I wasn’t going to wake up, but I woke up, and I’m fine. The more I feel adapted to staying outside without a person that stays with me, the more I...

Libraries turning the page: They’re still in the business of books, but embracing new role as community ‘third space’
03-22-2024 5:08 PM


On a typical day at Forbes Library, people can be found lying on the lawn, participating in book clubs and other programs, checking out books or perhaps a ukulele, and chatting with friends and strangers.It’s not the traditional image of a library...

Valley Bounty: Fermentation meets cooperation: Real Pickles in Greenfield supports and supplies the regional food system
03-22-2024 9:58 AM


A knock on the door interrupts the conversation. Someone is here to trade cheese for Real Pickles’ fermented veggies.Kate Hunter, a marketing coordinator, assistant sales manager, and worker-owner at Real Pickles, gets up to confirm the terms. Out the...

There is a Season with Molly Parr: A delicious soup, just not for me: Sharing this Hungarian Sweet and Sour Soup with Farro recipe so others may enjoy it
03-22-2024 9:50 AM


Have you ever loved something that hurt you? I’m not referring to a bad relationship — rather, a dish that you love, but your body hates? Maybe it’s something that gives you a headache, or makes your tummy uncomfortable. For me, it’s this sweet and...

Speaking of Nature: One lucky duck: Stumbling upon an entire flotilla of Common Mergansers
03-19-2024 1:23 PM


It was a rainy Sunday morning at the beginning of March and I was suffering from cabin fever. It hasn’t been a particularly cold winter, but I had been cooped up nonetheless. Saturday had gone by without incident, like so many Saturday’s since the new...

Top Girl Scout takes the helm: New CEO to focus on building an inclusive, accessible program
03-18-2024 2:35 PM


HOLYOKE — There’s something about the Girl Scout cookie Lemon-ups that speaks to Theresa Lynn, the new CEO of Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts.In addition to a crispy lemon flavor, the cookies, which debuted in 2020, have stamped...

Farmers in the spotlight: CISA’s annual Field Notes zeroes in on the central theme of resilience
03-17-2024 1:06 PM

By Samuel Gelinas

NORTHAMPTON — From flooding to fires, few people these days are as resilient as farmers.So it’s only fitting that Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture’s annual Field Notes event held earlier this month included a host of local farmers sharing...

Valley Bounty: Maple syrup time: After year-long prep, Hickory Hill Farm readies for Massachusetts Maple Weekend
03-15-2024 3:35 PM


It turns out pancakes and hot air balloons have at least one thing in common: they both pair well with maple syrup.“Flying over the woods is a good way to find maple trees,” offers Paul Sena, owner of both Worthington Ballooning and Hickory Hill Farm....

Lamenting language loss: Where would national identity be today if Irish was still spoken in Ireland?
03-15-2024 3:32 PM


The 2019 Green River Festival had Rhiannon Giddens as the headliner on the last Sunday afternoon.I was intrigued by her background: a banjo player, violinist and singer, an ethnomusicologist trained in opera at Oberlin College, a charming beauty and...

Earth Matters: Living in a recycled material world: Hitchcock Center inspires a fossil free future
03-14-2024 10:22 AM


As the world grapples with environmental challenges, the Fossil Free Zones initiative, championed by Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO), takes inspiration from the transformative work at The Hitchcock Center for the Environment. The Center...

Speaking of Nature: Bring the birds to you: A behind-the-scenes tip of nature photography
03-12-2024 10:23 AM


Every week, rain or shine, winter or summer, I try to find something fun, interesting and positive to talk about in my column. This is actually an easy thing to do, but what can be somewhat problematic is finding a photo that will pair nicely with the...

A Look Back
03-09-2024 2:48 PM


200 Years Ago■Dr. David Hunt begs leave to acquaint his friends and the public that he has made new arrangements in his professional business and has taken in connection with him Dr. B. Barrett. Drs. Hunt & Barrett have a good selection of surgical...

Get Growing with Mickey Rathbun: Become an educated gardener: Three upcoming symposia will answer all your gardening questions
03-08-2024 9:51 AM


Most of us humans assume that other creatures experience the world through their senses of sound, taste, smell and touch, the same way we do. But we couldn’t be more wrong, as science writer Ed Yong explains in his fascinating new book, “An Immense...

Change the world in 1,000 days: It starts with supporting babies and their families
03-08-2024 9:41 AM


A recent essay by Blythe Thomas, initiative director at 1000 Days, an organization that fights “to make health and well-being during the first 1,000 days (between pregnancy and a child’s 2nd birthday) a policy and funding priority,” begins by asking...

Earth Matters: In awe of the evolution of seeds: Seeds have lives and ecosystem roles far beyond their use to humans
03-07-2024 1:10 PM


February in New England brings longer days, uncertain weather … and seed catalogs! We gardeners pour over highly anticipated pages of glossy photos offering the promise of gorgeous fruits and flowers, all for the small price of a seed packet.Seed...

Only Human with Joan Axelrod-Contrada: I want to ‘Paint it Black’: A rock ’n’ roll anthem provides validation through tough times
03-07-2024 1:07 PM


I heard the song “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones on the radio early in my late husband Fred’s illness.Never before had I listened to the lyrics carefully enough to know they were about grief. I’d always taken it as a song about generalized...

Displaying articles 81 to 100 out of 687 total.

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