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Stephen Harding: Northampton’s manhole covers 
05-01-2023 6:43 PM

I read Saturday’s Gazette with the story about adding Ninja Turtle manhole covers for downtown (“Councilors defend Ninja Turtle project”) with great interest. Some Councilors expressed the belief that this would aid in driving downtown economic...

Mark LaChance: Eliminate the CPA
04-30-2023 11:33 AM

When times are tough, it’s time to cut back on luxuries. With the looming raise in water and sewer taxes, a permanent Proposition 2½ override, and property assessments redone ahead of the normal five-year interval, I think we can say, times are...

Mark Frost: Appreciates ‘new math’ analysis 
04-25-2023 3:20 PM

I must compliment Mr. John Rhoades on his excellent letter on the “new math” in Northampton [“Questions math of new water rates,” Gazette, April 19]. Nice job!But two things have not been mentioned at all. First, how about all the people that will...

Guest columnist Mariel Addis: Mad as hell and scared
04-12-2023 6:23 PM


Ever been mad as hell and scared to death at the same time? Well, lately I have been, and it is not a great or happy combination.I watch the news on TV, listen to NPR on the radio, and see seemingly countless news items on Facebook, primarily from red...

Lawrence Pareles: Let's pass the Equal Rights Amendment now
04-11-2023 1:33 PM

With Women's History Month concluded, we need to take the next step to guarantee gender equality in America. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) must be finally added to the U.S. Constitution to ensure that all Americans are treated fairly, regardless of...

Carol Owen: Counterpoint on reparations
04-07-2023 3:36 PM

In three columns earlier submitted to the Gazette, a “take-away” point suggests that those of us white people who make our homes in Northampton are foolish to hold ourselves accountable for a period in American history involving enslavement of Black...

A war to protect the Connecticut River 
04-07-2023 3:26 PM

We are locked in a war to protect the Connecticut River at Turners Falls, and I applaud the decision of the Connecticut River Conservancy’s refusal to sign the proposed agreement to relicense FirstLight’s Northfield and Turners Falls hydro projects....

Jeanne Schubmehl: Cringes at use of the word ‘ladies’
04-04-2023 5:53 PM

Hey guys, thanks for the interview … Really? Is that an acceptable professional way to address a salary negotiation when offered a job by men? I think not. If one did, professionalism would absolutely be called into question. In this case of Vito...

Mark Frost: Meant no disrespect
04-04-2023 5:52 PM

Back when I was growing up in the late 50s and 60s, like Mr. Vito Perrone, I was taught that the terms “ladies” and “gentlemen” were used as a way of showing respect for a person. I don’t understand why the Easthampton School Commitee members said it...

Joyce Rosenfeld: Boycotting Walgreens
04-03-2023 3:17 PM

Since Walgreens has chosen to succumb to threats from state attorneys general and halt distribution of abortion pills, even in states where it is legal, I am choosing to halt doing business with Walgreens. If Walgreens has a right to choose, so do...

Laurie Jane Korza: Grateful for first responders valiant service
03-09-2023 5:05 PM

I am writing to express my extreme appreciation for the Northampton Police and Fire departments valiant efforts to save my life partner after a medical emergency on Saturday. They worked tirelessly and showed compassion and kindness to me during the...

Jonathan M. Daube: Disappointed in column on reparations
02-28-2023 5:51 PM

As a relative newcomer to Northampton who rejoices in the different viewpoints that make this city special, I was disappointed in the tone of Marc Warner’s Feb. 25 guest column “Northampton the ‘last place’ for reparations.”Is it necessary to refer to...

Nina Kleinberg: Grateful to police, good samaritan for returning lost purse
02-09-2023 4:53 PM

Wednesday, Feb. 8, was such a beautiful day that I decided to go for a bike ride. After 10 miles, I got home to discover that my purse, holding my car keys, driver’s license, credit cards, etc., had fallen off my bike. But where? I remembered that I...

Sherry Wingfield: Wasted resources 
02-06-2023 12:52 PM

For many years, I have been involved with swimming and around pools. When the JFK Middle School pool was being built, I was thrilled that our city would have this invaluable resource for our community. For many years before the pandemic, the community...

Amy Cahillane: Ice Art Festival a community success
01-30-2023 12:56 PM

The 12th Annual Northampton Ice Art Festival was a magical affair, with amazing artists, perfect weather, crowds of enthusiastic viewers and wonderful event hosts and sponsors. On behalf of the Downtown Northampton Association: Thank you! Thank you...

Rev. Dr. Peter Ives and Rev. Carol Rinehart: Sojourner Truth painting to be unveiled
01-29-2023 8:26 PM

On Feb. 4, the Forbes Library will unveil a painting of Sojourner Truth by the highly regarded local artist Richard Yarde. This is a gift from the Sojourner Truth Memorial Committee. The event is part of a reception celebrating several additions to...

Mary Ingari: 12 pot shops are enough 
01-23-2023 5:21 PM

I am writing in favor of capping the number of marijuana dispensaries in Northampton. We have the most dispensaries per capita than any other city in Massachusetts. At a recent City Council meeting, the vast majority of citizens spoke out in favor of...

Guest columnist Daniel Lyons: Electric vehicles and the future 
01-09-2023 2:31 PM

By Daniel Lyons

In his Dec. 31 letter, “Electric vehicles and the environment,” George Kriebel states he is confident that future grid expansion will occur to meet demand for EVs, heat pumps, etc. He does not state the basis for his confidence and today’s grid is far...

Darcy Sweeney: Unmanaged forests critical to mitigating the climate crisis
01-09-2023 2:29 PM

I couldn’t disagree more with guest columnist Mike Leonard’s diatribe against Gov. Healey’s ambitious goals to preserve the commonwealth’s forested lands, starting with her campaign promise to invoke a logging moratorium in our public forests...

Gabby Thomas named to Olympics 4x100 relay team
07-06-2021 7:34 PM


Florence’s Gabby Thomas now has a chance at two Olympic medals. After qualifying to run the 200-meter dash individually, the Harvard graduate was named to the USA’s 4x100-meter team Tuesday according to a release by USA Track and Field.She was listed...

Displaying articles 161 to 180 out of 185 total.

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