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Arlene Kirsch and Hugh L. Guilderson: Students deserve better from UMass chancellor
05-13-2024 6:30 PM

We are dismayed that UMass Chancellor Javier Reyes thought his job included calling in police to arrest peacefully protesting students, and community members who were there quietly to observe and support the protest. It seems he doesn’t understand...

Christopher Lucas: Choose educational investment, not austerity
05-13-2024 6:30 PM

As a parent of a Northampton elementary student, I respect letter writer John Frey’s emphasis on fiscal prudence [“School Committee must practice prudent fiscal management,” Gazette, May 10]. However, focusing solely on our city’s AAA bond rating...

Renee Denenfeld: Gratitude for a great food drive
05-13-2024 6:30 PM

I’m feeling much gratitude today for the Northampton Survival Center and our community for a successful Post Office Food Drive. The event felt like a big party with great music, delicious snack donations from local restaurants, well organized guidance...

Columnist John Sheirer: Eclipse eclipsed expectations
05-12-2024 4:45 PM


During the afternoon of May 10, 1994, I stepped outside into reduced light to see silvery, crescent-shaped shadows shimmering dreamily beneath a mid-sized maple tree. Then on August 21, 2017, I joined my wife Betsy near the Smith College greenhouse...

Guest columnist Gwen Agna: Why I voted for school board budget
05-12-2024 4:44 PM


I write, on my behalf and only my behalf, to clarify my reason for voting for the level services budget for the Northampton Public Schools.I did not vote for it because I think there are millions of dollars being socked away irresponsibly by our...

State OKs Valley Green Energy program for Amherst, Northampton, Pelham
05-12-2024 10:53 AM


AMHERST — A program offering Northampton, Amherst and Pelham residents more electricity supplied by green sources should be ready to launch by this fall.Amherst officials announced Wednesday that the state’s Department of Public Utilities recently...

Northampton man held without bail in December shooting
05-11-2024 4:11 PM


NORTHAMPTON — A city man facing four counts of assault to murder and four felony weapons charges after allegedly trying to kill his neighbors by firing an assault rifle through a shared interior wall at their Wright Avenue home in December will remain...

Guest columnist David Narkewicz: Fiscal Stability Plan beats school budget overreach
05-10-2024 4:42 PM


Since leaving office I have avoided the public spotlight, but recent controversy regarding Northampton’s budget and the city’s Fiscal Stability Plan compel me to offer some historical perspective.When I was sworn in as mayor in 2012, our finances...

Columnist Bill Newman: Laurels and the laureate
05-10-2024 4:22 PM


This column is about my daughter Jo, her daughters Kobin and Ramona, a horse named Lady and the U.S. Poet Laureate, Ada Limón. And it also isn’t.Kobin is five, almost six. Ramona is three, close to four. Jo, the girls and their dad, Jo’s husband Dean,...

Jim Reis: Northampton school budget — What went wrong?
05-10-2024 4:18 PM

What happened? Clearly something went wrong the last couple of years in budget planning for Northampton schools. We don’t need to blame individuals, but we do need to understand the faulty process that led to this crisis to avoid this happening again....

Dreams take flight (some assembly required): Local pilots build and help build their own aircraft
05-10-2024 3:09 PM


If you build it … you can fly it, too.As Peter Elsea and Jason Lorusso have discovered in recent years, there’s a special satisfaction in building your own plane — or at least assisting in that construction — that can make the experience of flying...

Columnist Olin Rose-Bardawil: American dream out of reach for many
05-09-2024 5:30 PM


We live in a society that often tells us to form opinions that neatly conform to one ideological side or the other. Yet when it comes to the most important issues, it can be unhelpful to come to such rigid conclusions. F. Scott Fitzgerald was right...

John Frey: School Committee must practice prudent fiscal management
05-09-2024 5:26 PM

I am a Northampton public school parent who wants our schools to be funded as robustly as possible. But the arguments made by Northampton Ward 4 School Committee member Michael Stein (“Serving educational needs shouldn’t be ‘aspirational’,” Gazette,...

Doron Goldman: Israel's situation is complicated
05-09-2024 5:26 PM

In response to Nancy Grossman’s guest column [“How to keep right on going in Gaza,” Gazette, May 4], my view is as follows: Not complicated — 1) Cease-fire now 2) Hamas is a terrorist organization 3) Netanyahu is a criminal 4) Oct. 7 was a horrific...

An artist with a green thumb: The creative vision and resilience of Kathleen Chapman, designer of Tuesday Market poster
05-09-2024 3:20 PM


Kathleen Chapman (“KC”) and I met under a clothesline near her patchwork garden behind McDonald House in downtown Northampton. I wanted to learn more about her artwork, what brought her to Northampton, and how she connected with Grow Food Northampton...

Guest columnist Phil Wilson: Let us pick local town officials by sortition
05-09-2024 9:17 AM


Here is a way for Northampton, Amherst, or any local town to become the cutting edge of democracy: Do away with elections.People who consciously scheme to obtain power tend to be, well … power hungry. If you don’t want narcissists and psychopaths...

Karen Foster Cannon: Michael Stein does not speak for me
05-09-2024 9:17 AM

I read with interest the recent guest column by Northampton School Committee member Michael Stein, who used the word “we” on behalf of the School Committee while expressing his individual views and reasons for his vote on the Northampton school budget...

Guest columnist Josh Silver: Northampton school budget — Let’s start with kindness, accuracy and respect
05-09-2024 9:16 AM


The debate over Northampton school funding is the latest example of the circular firing squad of the American political left. According to the loudest voices for maximum school funding, anyone who points out that the budget recently approved by the...

Comerford: Free community college plan will lift up students, offer immediate return on investment
05-07-2024 6:27 PM


A plan unveiled by Senate Democrats on Monday to make community college free for all in Massachusetts starting this fall has the potential to have a big impact for prospective students across the state, including here in the Pioneer Valley.The...

Guest columnist Cathy McNally: Northampton School Committee standing up for children
05-07-2024 1:51 PM


 I’ve often appreciated the measured perspective, wry humor, and rich language of Bill Dwight. In his recent column, “How to make sense of Northampton’s school budget dilemma,” however, this cool “city father” turns into a cranky municipal dad whose...

Displaying articles 101 to 120 out of 1514 total.

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